Hey Moose!

Join hosts Robert Forto and Michele Forto as they cover the day’s events of the Iditarod. It was quite the eventful first full day on the trail.

In this episode, Robert and Michele provide updates on the first 24 hours of the 2024 Iditarod. They discuss the top mushers’ standings and the checkpoints’ procedures. They also share their experiences with the Iditarod Insider and the trail cams. The hosts then delve into the encounters with moose on the trail, including an incident involving Dallas Seavey. They highlight the importance of following the rules when encountering wildlife. The episode concludes with a profile of musher Jessie Royer and a preview of the next episode.


  • Stay updated on the standings and progress of the mushers in the Iditarod.
  • Learn about the procedures and activities at the checkpoints.
  • Understand the encounters and challenges with wildlife, such as moose, on the trail.
  • Discover the profile of musher Jessie Royer and her achievements in dog mushing.


00:00: Introduction and Standings
01:24: Iditarod Insider and Trail Cam
06:17: Encounters with Moose on the Trail
10:15: Moose Incident with Dallas Seavey
16:26: Update on the Race and Dog Dropping
29:19: Closing Remarks and Preview of Next Episode

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