What Do You Wear Dog Sledding?


WHAT DO YOU WEAR FOR DOGSLEDDING? Preparing for a dogsledding excursion requires strategic dressing to combat the chilly weather and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Layering for Comfort and Warmth Layering is key in a winter climate, especially between December and March. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from the […]

How Fast Can Sled Dogs Go?

20 to 25 miles per hour or (32 to 40 kilometers per hour) or even faster in certain conditions. How Fast Can Sled Dogs Go? In general, the speed of a dog sled can vary based on several factors, including the terrain, snow conditions, number of dogs in the team, and the skill level of […]

David Pike

David A Pike Mushing podcast

“The first thing is to follow the sport.” “There’s a wealth of ways that you can tap into what’s happening and you can become personally engaged in this and get to know mushers and their dogs as personalities.” Dog Wellness Initiative with David A. Pike David A. Pike, a sponsor and supporter of dog mushing […]

Who Was Emile St. Godard?

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Emile St. Godard burst onto the racing scene in 1925. The Pas, Manitoba, was his hometown, but for the next ten years, he was the man to beat throughout Canada and the United States. Even Leonhard Seppala found overtaking the racy husky-hound crosses on St. Godard’s dog team difficult. These dogs, sleek and long-legged, were […]