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The Checkpoint | Issue 198 Update and Printer Visit

The Checkpoint | Issue 198 Update and Printer Visit In this conversation, Michele Forto provides an update on the upcoming summer issue of the magazine. She discusses the layout, contributors, and articles that will be included. She also mentions the plans for the fall issue and the upcoming team and trail tour. Additionally, Michele talks

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Latest Podcast Episodes

In this episode we talk to Junior Iditarod champ, Emily Robinson.


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Iditarod Champion Rick Mackey Dies at 71

Iditarod Champion Rick Mackey Passes Away Iditarod champion Rick Mackey died Monday in Fairbanks, Alaska following a 19-month battle with cancer, according to his family. A Facebook post shared by daughter Brenda Mackey expressed grief at the loss but found comfort that the loss came tied to a family tradition — the number 13, the

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Rolex Explorer 2 the ultimate mushing watch

The Rolex Explorer II is the Ultimate Mushing and Adventure Watch 

The Rolex Explorer II is the Perfect Mushing and Adventure Watch The Rolex Explorer 2 is a timepiece revered by adventurers and explorers worldwide for its exceptional durability, precision, and functionality in the most challenging environments. Designed to withstand the rigors of exploration, this iconic watch has earned a reputation as the ultimate companion for

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Sending Out Supplies

Sending Out Supplies How to prepare and organize food drops for a distance race. Most distance races in Alaska require mushers to submit the food and equipment that the team will use sometime before the start of the race. For the Iditarod and Yukon Quest, “food drop” time is several weeks before the race starts,

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David A Pike Mushing podcast

David Pike

“The first thing is to follow the sport.” “There’s a wealth of ways that you can tap into what’s happening and you can become personally engaged in this and get to know mushers and their dogs as personalities.” Dog Wellness Initiative with David A. Pike David A. Pike, a sponsor and supporter of dog mushing

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Dryland in Alaska

Beautifully shot by adventure photographer Jeremy T. Grant


Interview w/Bridgett Watkins

Robert Forto interviews Bridget Watkins about running in the Iditarod and more.


John Rasmussen

Volunteer Spotlight: John Rasmussen is the heart of ASDRA

John Rasmussen is described by his fellow ASDRA board members as “The Rock of Gibraltar.” He is the man behind the scenes at Alaskan Sled Dog & Racing Association. John quietly takes care of day-to-day operations at the club. Summer may find him walking the trails in the park, fixing bridges and repairing or replacing

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Issue #197

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