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State of Mushing: February 2024

State of Mushing: February 2024

Summary  In this conversation, Michele Forto provides updates on the progress of Mushing Magazine and shares exciting news about the acquisition of Team and Trail, a historical newsletter. She announces the release date for the first print magazine and discusses the learning process involved in printing. Michele also addresses the subscriber list and plans to

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Junior Iditarod Interviews

Junior Iditarod Interviews Join host Michele Forto as she interviews participants in the 2024 Junior Iditarod in Knik, Alaska, right before the start of the race. The Junior Iditarod is held each February and is open to junior mushers 14 to 17. The race is approximately 150 miles and unassisted into the Alaskan wilderness. The

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Points Unknown w/Linda Newman

Points Unknown with Linda Newman Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes the owner of Points Unknown, Linda Newman, to talk about her business, her dogs, and much more on this episode of Mushing. Check out one of the most UNIQUE lodging experiences in the Midwest!Points Unknown – Dog Sled | Paddle | Hike |

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Gareth Wright posing with his lead dog after winning the 1950 ONAC.

Tribute to Gareth T. Wright

Mushing legend, Gareth Thomas Wright, passed on October 14, 2019 in Fairbanks, Alaska.. Gareth was born in Nenana, Alaska on October 16, 1928 to the late Arthur and Myrtle (Rose) Wright.  He spent his early childhood in Minto, where his father served as the Episcopal minister. When Gareth was six years old, the family returned

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WorkOutDoors Review

There are not too many apps that work well for dog mushing. Of course there is Mush-o-meter, Map My Ride and other apps on your iPhone that are clunky and cumbersome at times but with the release of the Apple Watch Ultra in mid-2023, there in one app that stands up against the rest. It

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learn dog mushing in college

Learn Dog Mushing in College

Learn Dog Mushing in College Did you know that students at two of Alaska’s universities can learn how to dog mush?  Our own managing partner of Mushing, Robert Forto teaches the course each winter.  The course(s) aptly called Dog Mushing, is really an introduction to the lifestyle, several dog powered sports, history, and a lot

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The Burled Arch Podcast cover

Life with the Gabryszak’s at Yentna Station Roadhouse

Life with the Gabryszak’s at Yentna Station Roadhouse Join host Michele Forto as she presents Life with the Gabryszak’s at Yentna Station Roadhouse on the Burled Arch. The Mushing podcast is made possible by Mushing+ subscribers. Learn more about all the benefits of a subscription and subscribe now at mushing.com/mushingplus 

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Bikejoring in Alaska

Michele Forto gives tips and tricks for starting to bikejor with your dogs


Interview w/Bridgett Watkins

Robert Forto interviews Bridget Watkins about running in the Iditarod and more.


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