Yukon Quest: Middle of the pack makes its way to Dawson

As Sebastian bootied his dogs and prepared for a departure from Scroggie Creek, Mike Jayne and Richie Beattie both arrived at 3:15 pm. Mike dropped a dog and departed for Dawson City at 3:20 pm. Jayne, the 2006 Iditarod Rookie of the Year, looked strong as he left. Beattie, the 2006 Yukon Quest Rookie of the Year decided to camp for a while. He departed Scroggie at 9:30 pm.Following just behind Mike was veteran John Schandelmeier with his team of shelter dogs. Brent Sass arrived a few hours later at 6:23 pm and departed after just a few minutes. Tom Benson, Kelley Griffin and JT Hessert arrived later in the evening and all were camping in Scroggie at last report.


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