Yukon Quest: Carmacks Checkpoint – Anderson and Mackey shock everyone

Ken Anderson and Lance Mackey are keeping Yukon Quest watchers on their toes. To everyone’s shock, the two rivals swooped into Carmacks at 10:40 and 10:43 a.m. They weren’t expected to arrive until around 1 p.m. or even later, as everyone expected them to stop for a much-needed rest somewhere in the 66 miles (106 kilometres) between Carmacks Checkpoint and Pelly Crossing Checkpoint. In Pelly Crossing, the media are scrambling to get on the road to Carmacks to catch Anderson and Mackey before they retire for some sleep. Some of the journalists plan to drive back to Pelly Crossing after interviewing the frontrunners to catch the next race, the one between Michelle Phillips and Dave Dalton, who appear to be vying for third place.For an excellent account of the race from the ground and air, check out Ken Anderson and Gwenn Holdmann’s website at: www.windycreekkennel.comMore news, photos and audio reports: http://www.kuac.org/08yukon.html www.newsminer.comAnother excellent blog from fans on the ground in the Yukon:http://www.northernlightmedia.com/journal/


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