Yukon Quest: Bill Cotter Arrives at mid-point of race.

Bill Cotter arrived in Dawson City at 12:53 p.m. looking very tired after more than 12 hours on the trail. The 61-year-old had rested for seven hours 28 miles (77 kilometres) away at Fortymile and was expected to arrive more than two hours earlier in Dawson City than he did. Cotter’s dogs looked good but he had trouble steering them into the checkpoint. His handler Yuka Honda, a rookie in last year’s Yukon Quest, helped coax them in the right direction.For an excellent account of the race from the ground and air, check out Ken Anderson and Gwenn Holdmann’s website at: www.windycreekkennel.comMore news, photos and audio reports:http://www.kuac.org/08yukon.html


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