Whistler The Missing Sled Dog Found With The Help Of Roast Beef, Enchiladas

From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage –Whistler, a lead dog for German Iditarod rookie Silvia Furtwangler, was found this morning in Anchorage near the Chester Creek Trail. He had been missing since early Thursday morning, when he escaped from a dog truck.The blue-eyed 3-year-old had been spotted in the area over the weekend, but searchers say he resisted their attempts to lure him to safety using moose steak and fake German accents.Furtwangler played a recording of Whistlers’ teammates barking and whining — blasting from the tinny speakers of her iPhone — as she walked the greenbelt, hoping the sound would coax him from hiding. No luck.Read more here: http://community.adn.com/?q=adn/node/159762


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