Westbrook Winter West Fest Features Sled Dog Races

For at least one weekend, the cries being heard across the Sunset Ridge Golf Links on Cumberland Street in Westbrook will be “mush” instead of “fore.”As part of the first-ever Westbrook Winter West Fest on Jan. 4-6, the golf course will be the site of a series of dog sled races sponsored by the New England Sled Dog Club, which is the oldest such club in the United States, founded in 1924.The races, free for spectators, will be run on Saturday, Jan. 5, and Sunday, Jan. 6, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Originally, the races were scheduled to be “rig races,” where racers run on specially modified wheeled sleds, known as rigs, to take place at Rivermeadow Golf Course. However, last week’s winter weather upset those plans, and with a good coating of snow on the ground, the racers will be breaking out the traditional sleds instead at Sunset Ridge.Read more here: http://www.keepmecurrent.com/american_journal/news/westbrook-winter-west-fest-features-sled-dog-races/article_d2409a24-55cc-11e2-bbca-0019bb2963f4.html


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