West Michigan: Snow Makes For Perfect Sled Dog Extravaganza

All the snow falling in West Michigan is perfect for an event happening over in Augusta on Saturday. The Mid-Union Sled Haulers, also known as MUSH, is hosting a sled dog extravaganza at Fort Custer Recreation Park.The group wants to share the thrill of dog sledding with the public, through a “fun run” and series of demonstrations. “People are excited to try it. A lot of times they’ve only ever seen it on TV so they have no idea what to actually do when they’re in the driver’s seat,” says Anne Hammond, a local dog driver. “We love sharing it with everybody. If you talk to anybody who owns a dog, the only thing they want to talk about is their dog and that’s us times ten usually.”Read more here: http://www.wwmt.com/shared/newsroom/top-stories/stories/wwmt_snow-makes-perfect-sled-dog-extravaganza-7874.shtml


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