Warming Up To Cold – Weather Recreation – Get Dressed, Get Out, Get Moving

Jane Adkins, of Kasilof, grew up a California girl, surrounded by concrete in San Francisco. She had little familiarity with temperatures below freezing, much less below zero. She certainly didn’t know there were people who spent days at a time out in minus 10, minus 30, even minus 50 and colder. Willingly. For fun, even. Not until she moved to Alaska, started mushing and was out there herself.“I didn’t know people did this growing up. I didn’t know where snow came from when I grew up. I was in my teens the first time I saw snow come down out of the sky, so I think I was in awe with a lot of things,” she said. “The more I saw, the more I wanted to be out there.”Read more here: http://redoubtreporter.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/warming-up-to-cold-weather-recreation-get-dressed-get-out-get-moving/


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