Dog Sled Races A Big Hit With Community

The weather was perfect, the attendance was beyond all expectations, the trails were spectacular… by all accounts the 2013 Grande Prairie Dog Sled Derby was an overwhelming success.“I think it was phenomenal,” said organizer Irvin Wai. “Compared to our first year, well, there really is no comparison. To see the city turn out, I couldn’t believe it. I looked up and down that fence and I couldn’t see an empty spot there on Sunday afternoon. It just amazed me. It certainly made me want to continue to work to make this a bigger and better (event).”In that regard, the possibilities are abundant. Wai said that while the races themselves would remain the centrepiece of the weekend, he envisions turning the derby into a full winter experience.“I talked to (city councillor) Kevin O’Toole and we both agreed that there should be more festivities attached to the weekend,” said Wai. “For example, we could have an ice-sculpting competition, some skating for the kids, a big bonfire, stuff like that.”Read more here:


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