Updates from the Quest finish line

Fifteen dog teams have now completed the 2007 Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race. Thursday saw several more dog teams arrive at the Fairbanks Finish Line, marking the end of their 2007 Yukon Quest journey from Whitehorse. Brent Sass, the 2006 Yukon Quest 300 Champion arrived at the Fairbanks Finish Line just 5 minutes after veteran musher Kelley Griffin did Thursday evening about 7:30 pm.Richie Beattie’s team had some difficulties at the North Pole Dog Drop, and is camping there until they are ready to run the final 30 miles to the Finish Line.Russ Bybee crossed the Finish Line with his 11 dogs just after 4:00 pm, while William Hanes and his 9 sled dogs completed their race just after 12:00 noon today.Veteran mushers Dave Dalton (11 dogs) and John Schandelmeier (9 dogs) arrived in Fairbanks at 1:23 and 2:14 Thursday morning, respectively.Three teams are at the final Checkpoint, waiting for their 8-hour mandatory layover to be completed before proceeding in to Fairbanks, almost 100 miles away.Benedikt Beisch can start his final run about 11:30 pm Thursday, while Regina Wycoff and Tom Benson will begin their last leg of the race about 2:30 and 3:30 am Friday, respectively.Check for mushers’ time out of Chena Hot Springs and add approximately 13 hours to estimate their arrival time at the Finish Line. Double-check your estimates when their teams pass through the North Pole Dog Drop, just 30 miles from the Cushman Street Bridge and the Finish Line – it should take the teams about 4 or 5 hours for the run into Fairbanks from North Pole.Come down to the Cushman Street Bridge to see the final dog teams arrive in Fairbanks


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