Upcoming SuperDogs: Team Streeper

In the next issue of Mushing Magazine (May/June 2010) we’ll feature the Stage and Sprint Champion dogs of Blayne and Terry Streeper. The Streeper team racked up victories across different styles of racing this year: Stage (Wyoming), Open-Class Sprint (Rondy), and Mid-Distance (Yellowknife). img::heidi-small.jpgStreeper Super Leader Heidi, led their teams to wins all winter long. Here is what Blayne had to say about his dog: “Heidi (f) 50lbs- 2005 (MIMI X SUNNY) – aka- Heidi Klum- long legs and beautiful. Main leader last 2 seasons. Raced lead on my winning Stage, Rondy and Yellowknife team. Hard diving and very fast, and has more “human friends” at more races then other dog. She is a sweetheart. Bred to Lyle in 2008, producing a litter of 10 dynamite pups. Bred to Walter- spring 2010″The issue will be out in early April. Renew or Subscribe from the link at the top of this page, or call 907-495-2468.


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