Recently I had the good fortune to visit with Martin at his kennel in Big lake. It was a frosty early fall day, and Martin was working on a project building a combination dog barn/indoor playroom, and indoor exercise facility. I’ve been wanting to showcase Martin’s canine athletes for some time, so I was really excited to meet his crew and get to work. Having seen a lot of dogs from all the different racing formats of our sport, I was surprised by the powerful build of his dogs. Well muscled, and with the slightest layer of fat, his dogs looked ready for the task of training for a 1000 mile race. Martin Buser, for most of you, needs no introduction. But I’ll list some of the accomplishments he and his group of canines have achieved. In 2002 Martin set the “speed” record for the Iditarod 8 days, 22 hrs, 46 minutes. He has been awarded the highly regarded Leonhard Seppala Award (most humanitarian care of dogs in the race) four times. He also holds the record for most consecutive Iditarod Finishes with 23, and holds the second highest number of total finishes with 25. Enjoy the photos and Martin’s descriptions of his dogs. G.S.Badger3 year old male (Lance x Corporal) 2008 Iditarod finisher with the yearling team. Integrating with the big boys and holding his own. Leader in training.Sam5 year old male (Cypress x Lucillia) 2007 Kusko 300 champ One of the “hobbits”, definitely has Attention Deficit Disorder with crazy endless energy. A number 10 on the happiness scale, loves life. LeaderLear Jet4 year old female (Melchior x Pearl) Seems to get herself pregnant during the racing season, oops. Trying to keep her in protective custody this year. Friendly, aerobatic tornado Leader .Deville6 year old male (Wolfy x Daisy) 2007 Iditarod 4th place. Battle axe, amazing ability to work through aches and pains. Mental toughness of a Samurai. Leader.Lionel4 year old male superstar (Salem x Lucillia) 2009 Kusko 300 2nd place, 2009 4th place Yukon Quest The “MAN” powerful and commanding and thrives in single lead, loud and boisterous, at the same time cuddly and kind. Leader to the MAX. Orion5 year old male (Wolfy x Kira) 2009 2nd place Kusko 300, 2007 Kobuk 440 champ. The Closer, super tough and finishes whatever he starts, as constant as his namesake constellation in the Alaskan sky.Roy5 year old male (Wolfy x K2) 2007 Kusko 300 champ, 2007 Kobuk 440 champ. Reckless driver in the form of a canine plowtruck. But probably one of the most photographed dogs in Alaska as he woos tourist by gently putting his paw on their shoulder and looks adoringly into their eyes. Leader.Neil Young4 year old male (Logan x Ontario) 2009 2nd place Kusko 300. Probably sings “Rockin in the Free World,” like his namesake, while speeding down the trail. Runs up to lead position whenever he’s getting hooked up. Wishes he could be in lead position all the time. Weasel3 year old male (Lance x Corporal) 2008 Iditarod finisher in yearling team. Growing up to be a contender, leading and listening keenly. Spin doctor of harnesses and ganglines. Young Leader. Elk6 year old male (Inca x Luna)2009 Quest 4th place. Identical twin of Caribou, the two boys even have their own twin language. Follows brother Boo’s every move. Loves only Martin. Leader but only with Caribou.Caribou6 year old male (Inca x Luna)2007 Kusko 300 & Kobuk 440 champ “Booboo” is best known as the police chief, would be clearly in charge if humans disappeared. Has dominating energy. Leader & DriverAngel6 year old male (Wolfy x Daisy)2007 Kobuk 440 champ. Poster child for sled dogs everywhere – he has the look and is as cool as Clint Eastwood, never dropped from a race in 3 years. Low key LeaderHerakles5 year old male (Wolfy x Kira) 2008 Iditarod 5th placeNamed after one of the Greek heroes and like that hero, uses his wits when strength doesn’t suffice. Leader.Celine4 year old female (Logan/Ontario)2009 Yukon Quest 4th place. The kennel sweetheart with clingy hugs for everyone. Fluid, shiny, sleek and fast. Leader. Otter3 year old male (Lance x Corporal)2009 Iditarod finisher as a 2½ year old. The Bachelor – eats & sleeps anywhere. Pretty messy and carefree, but in harness he’s all business. Leader since birth.Lance4 year old male (Salem x Lucillia) 2008 Kusko 300 4th place. One of the “L” litter, named for the amazing Lance Armstrong, it’s really not about the bike or sled.Leader.Colonel7 year old male (Calvin x Pearl) 2007 Kusko 300 champGood ol’ boy, finished a dozen major races, always there when needed. Leader.Man O’War6 year old male (Logan x Pearl) 2007 Kusko 300 champ. 2007 4th place Iditarod. Stoic as well as gregarious. Can high five. Leader.Goose5 year old female (Inca x Luna)2007 Kusko 300 Queen and champ. Looks at food and gains weight, lovey dovey. Lives life on her own terms no matter how many boys are on the team. Leader with a capital “L.”Collar6 year old male (Calvin x Kira)Both parents are Iditarod record holders.2007 Kobuk 440 champ. Tough, quiet, no nonsense, on the job 24/7. Leader.


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