Lou Serre is arguably one of the top limited sprint drivers in the sport. Starting in the early 1990’s if you saw Lou at a race, with few exceptions, he was a threat to win. Lou has earned the most ISDRA medals (22) to date with no contenders in sight. His list of accomplishments includes 12 gold, 4 silver, 6 bronze ISDRA medals and 4 IFSS World Championship medals. Lou has been at the forefront of experimenting with exotic outcrosses ranging from German Shepherds to Polish sight hounds to African hounds. His dogs have raised the bar, lowered finishing times, set records  and influenced countless kennels across the continent. The Super Dogs presented here are just a few fine examples from Lou’s kennel.Thunder, 8 year old male at 69 lbs. (Tex x Nina)Thunder is a big guy, not the biggest or fastest of the Luro hounds, but right up there. He is a little bit of a softy, very  affectionate, very much MY dog. Now that he is semi-retired he is fantastic for training young leaders because he won’t let them get out of line. Thunder was the first cross between Polish hounds and my German Shepherd line and he changed the entire pace of my racing. He lead as a yearling and was in front of medal winning teams each year, including the 2005 World Championship in Dawson and setting a track record at North Pole. He is very close to my heart and will live a long, easy life. Fenton, 3 year old male at 57 lbs. (Devil x Faith)Now that I am focused on Open Class racing, watch out for this dog! Fenton is 1/4 Luro hound and 5/4 speed! He is the second fastest leader I have ever produced. He runs any class from 6 to Open. He is easy going and extremely focused on the trail. He started leading as a 2 year old and took to it like a pro. He even won his first race at lead. This year he will really shine. Several people have wanted to buy him but no one has the kind of money it would take to replace this dog!  Lynx, 3 year old male at 52 lbs. (Lucas  x Olga)Lynx is a nicely built happy-go-lucky guy. He is a Simba grandson and also ½ African Hound. The African Hounds don’t have the best feet and fortunately Lynx didn’t inherit that trait. I often do 10-12 races each season and he has never missed a race. He is kind of like an alarm clock, set it and forget it. In the team he does everything so well that you kind of forget he is even there. Elmo, 4 year old male at 49 lbs. (Thunder x Embla)Elmo is ¼ Polish Hound bred to a Red Viking bitch. He has good speed and is very tough. On top of that he is extremely intelligent. Elmo is a good pace setting dog and is a great finisher especially for Open Class racing. He lead my gold medal team as a yearling and always runs lead or point. In the yard he is a pleasure to be around, always pays close attention to what I am doing. Beer, 1 year old male at 43 lbs. (Fenton x Jill)I just don’t have enough good things to say about this dog. He is an exceptional athlete. Beer is the proverbial melting pot. Mixing the best of the best. He is a direct descendant of my very first sled dog, a German Shepherd named Rex, who I won my first medal with. Beer has a fantastic attitude and tons of drive. To me he is a good example of the ideal open dog. Although he is only a yearling I can see the makings of a remarkable leader. Lucas, 1 year old male at 50 lbs. (Boras x Tahoe) Lucas is another promising young dog. His dam is ½ African Hound bred to a Mike son. He is a fast running, hard working dog that should prove to be a real star. Lucas is very good natured and friendly but man is he ever hard to handle on the line! All in all he has what it takes to be a great open class dog. Jepp, 2 year old female at 42 lbs. (Boras x Jill)This little girl and her brother were from my first breeding out of Jill and man-o-man, what a treat! Even as a very young puppy she was super quick and agile. I could see right away that she had LEADER stamped on her head. It was because of this litter that I decided to breed Jill again. Jepp ran on my main open team as a yearling. I think I did 10 races last year and she handled the demands with style. I can hardly wait to have her in front of a big team. Joe, 2 year old male at 50 lbs. (Boras x Jill)Joe was one of the largest of the litter and usually the bigger dogs are stronger and a touch slower. However, that is not the case with this guy, he has both strength and speed. I mean how often do you see a dog that is faster than both of the parents? And to think I almost sold him! Joe is also a very promising leader. Any dog that can stand up to the pressures of a long season as a yearling has got to be an ace. I predict Joe and his sister will be the dogs that replace my front end in the future. Andy, 1 year old male at 40 lbs. (Kyle x Annie)Andy is from a breeding I bought from Arleigh Reynolds. He has both Labben and Ellis lines in his pedigree. My thinking was to take bloodlines from Alaska’s proven kennels to mix with my sprint dogs. Andy maybe 1 mph slower than most of my dogs, but I think he can run further before tiring. As they say, there is no substitute for toughness. I believe this breeding will add a bit of endurance to my speed line. Boras, 7 year old male at 58 lbs. (Mike x Alberta)Boras is one of only a handful of dogs I’ve bought that worked out as leader. He is out of Egil Ellis’ dog Mike bred to a bitch from a distance kennel. He has run some 250 mile races and I thought there was no way he would have the speed I look for, especially being such a big dog. Surprisingly, Boras is very fast, has excellent feet and has become my main leader. He may be a little hard headed and difficult to handle getting to the line but it’s all worth it in the end because he is a gee-haw leader. He has also sired several of my up and coming stars. Tach, 5 year old male at 56 lbs. (Frisco x Rivi)Tach is another dog I bought who worked out as a leader. He was bred by the Kieslings and is a Finn Henry grandson. Tach has superior feet, high attitude and drive. He is an incredibly hard working dog. He puts everything in the line and knows nothing about pacing himself. I have run him in some open races but he is more ideally suited for 8-dog class. Polo, 2 year old male at 58 lbs. (Lucky x Serena)This guy is big, fast and powerful. Like so many of the dogs produced by the Keislings he is a hard driving dog who gives everything on every run. He is ideally suited to 6- and 8-dog class racing. Polo is a very likable dog. He is friendly with people and other dogs.


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