What can be said about Lance that hasn’t already been said? A second generation Iditarod racer, he has won the Yukon Quest 4-times in as many attempts, as we go to press, Lance just finished 2nd in the 2010 Yukon Quest. He has three successive Iditarod wins ‘07, ‘08, and 2009. He has also won numerous mid distance races in Alaska in the last 5 years. Perhaps the most stunning and ground breaking achievements were his ‘07 and ‘08 Quest and Iditarod wins in the same years. Lance almost lost it all to cancer in 2001, but recovered after extensive surgery and raditation. We’re happy to showcase Lance’s special dogs. Thanks to Dave Partee of for taking the images in blowing wind and subzero temps and to Lance for the descriptions.“Maple”4 year old female. (Blazer x Demon) 2009 lead 1st place Iditarod finish. Maple is always cued in to what’s going on around her. She is one of those dogs that is always eager to take charge, lead and motivate the rest of the team. It is a such pleasure to watch her run. She goes back to Zorro lines. Amazing leader.“Wilson”2 year old male. (new breeding stock in our Kennel)  Wilson has run some races this year and performed well for me.Leader-in-training.“Ribs”2 year old female. (Dred x Winner) 2009 Iditarod finish with Harry Alexie’s team. Strong and great attitude. Amazing future in front of her. Team dog.“Larry”9 year old male. (Half brother to Zorro) Larry is my super star. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this dog. He has earned five Golden Harnesses and he is the only dog to hold a golden harness in both the Quest and the Iditarod. He will be running in the 2010 Iditarod with Newton Marshall. Leader.“Toy”3 year old male. (Zorro x Little Red) Super attitude & stength. 2009 Iditarod finish with Harry Alexie. Promising future. Team/Wheel dog.“Von”2 year old male. (Rev x Risben) Hard driving positive attitude.“Dred”4 year old male. (Zorro x Dot)  Great attitude, always happy. Dred has 2 Yukon Quest finishes and 2 Iditarod finishes behind him. Dred is known in the dog yard as “The Man.” He will be a player for years to come. He loves to race, leads but swing position is his spot. He will be in my 2010 Quest and 2010 Iditarod team. Leader/Swing.“Rev”5 year old male. This is my idea of the perfect Iditarod dog. Achampion in my book. Rev loves his job. Solid leader.“Rapper”8 year old male. Rapper has the mentality of a 2 year old. He acts like he never wants to grow up. I love this dog, my all around BEST dog! Nothing else to say – THE BEST! Team/Wheel.“Grant”2 year old male. (new breeding stock in the Mackey Comeback Kennel) Upcoming star. Just starting to establish his confidence. This is a nice addition for my Quest team and will likely be on my Iditarod team.  Leader-in-training.“BoyCuz”8 year old male. (White Mountain x Blade)  He goes back to some of Andre Nadeau bloodlines, on one side, Andre came over from Quebec, Canada. Old Emmit Peters stuff on the female side. His background goes back a long  way in racing bloodlines. Strong, powerful male. 2008/2009 Quest and the Iditarod and on my 2010 team. Team dog.“Trunk”2 year old male. (Rev x Risben) Very, very strong wheel dog.“Chucko”3 year old male. (son of Dred, grandson to Zorro) HOLD ON! This dog haspower! Big, strong and confident. This dog is the real deal.Runs with BoyCuz. Team dog.“Pimp”6 year old male. (Storm x Omen) this is a STAND OUT dog. Not only inlooks but performance as well. If a musher had a team of dogs like Pimp, running dogs would be a breeze.“Amp”2 year old male. (Rev x Risben) Amp loves his job. He is inexperienced but has a strong willingness to learn. Leader.“Dream”2 year old female. She is a great addition to my Quest and Iditarod team. A bit inexperienced but I have to put faith in the young ones. The name alone tells you how I enjoy  watching her run. Swing/Team.


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