René Marchildon is a succesful musher from South River, Ontario, Canada. René has raced competitively for 10 years, and is also involved with Chocpaw Expeditions which run sled dog tours in Algonquin Provincial park. Renee has placed in the top 5 twice in the Can-Am 250 race, and won the 60 mile race there in 2006. He has also won the Quad Crown series with the OFSS several times, as well as winning the Sandwich Notch 60 mile race, and the 120 mile Odysee Appalchienne race in Quebec last year. Renee plans to run the Beargrease Marathon, the UP 200, and the CanAm 250 this year. This is his race team. GS.Jynx – Yukon (Drake Lines) x Jan (Serre lines) 50 pound male, 4 yrs old. Jynx took the job as my new main leader. He’s new to the job but is picking it up pretty quick. A couple of times I’ve had him out single in some deep snow, and he did great. Jynx still has a lot to learn but shows a lot of grit and determination.Jarvis – This is Jynx’s equally suited brother. A little immature still. I expect this year he’ll dial  himself in. These two brothers out front are awesome, need to work on some commands, but boy can they fly. These brothers are tough, both mentally and physically.  Good eaters. Paegen – Zipper (Ken Warden-Cowboy Smith lines) x Jan (Swingley and Saunderson lines) This 65 pound big boy is all business. Lives for food. Runs anywhere in the team except lead, just doesn’t want anything to do with lead, just wants to pull and eat. He knows his commands very well, more than once he’s dragged the whole team in the right direction. This 9 yr old doesnt know he’s getting older. Milo – Jaguar (Serre lines) x Mel (Swingley and Saunderson lines) This young fellow is loaded with enthusiasm. This year I awarded him the Can-Am 250 most valuable player. I’m stoked about this guy’s future. This year I hope to see him in point. A worthy mention is his brother Moose, equal in ability, just a little slower to mature.Squid – Garp (Killam and Runyan lines) x Sadie (Pluto Grandaughter) This is one of those dogs that you just never notice, except he’s the last one to break into a lope and the first one to stop. Up hills he pulls hard. Squid is 7 yrs old, I’ve been racing him for six. Never has this dog shown any sign of injury. Compact little fella at 47 lbs.Nikki – Quartz (Chezik and Kiesling lines) x Claw (Brisbois and Kiesling lines) Chocpaw aquired this dog from Jan Kiesling along with his brother Koyuk. They are 4 yrs old, we’ve had them for two. The longest run these guys ever did was eight miles. Nikki adjusted quickly to the new training regime. This year Nikki had no problem finishing 250 miles. A solid point dog. Going to give him a shot out front this fall. Nikki is 54 lbs.Koyuk – This is Nikki’s brother. Koyuk was a little more reluctant to increased distances, so he fell behind the rest of the team. For that winter he ran on a expediton team, that seem to do the trick. No objections now to distance. This guy is a little taller than his brother coming in at 57 lbs. For now I’ve been running him in the back of the team, he’s quite comfortable there.Python – Garp (Killam and Runyan lines) x Sadie (Pluto Grandaughter) I love this dog, he is kind of a weirdo, loves attention, but I have to go to him. I think this guy is the fastest dog on the team. He’s a good size dog at 65 lbs. Super smooth effortless lope. I need to break him of his dipping habit, when he goes to the bank to dip he takes half the team with him, so for now he’s on the wheel. This is a dog I am going to breed into a solid Alaskan line, maybe to Tamarack, Titan and Thor’s sister.Potter – Python’s brother, a little more laid back compared to his brother. Always calm always doing his job. Doesn’t show much desire to run out front but that’s Ok. He fits in nicely anywhere else in the team. Never have to worry about him. Potter’s weight is 63 lbs.Pelly – Joey (Serre lines) x Peyton (Swingley and Suanderson lines) This dog is 3 yrs old and a pile of promise. Weighing in at 53 lbs, his confidence at times gets shaken but he’s young. My forecast for this dog is lead, all the way. He’s fairly tall with a lighter frame making him very fluid. Very intelligent, command training with this dog should come easy.Thor – Ryder (Chocpaw lines) x Tulip (Jacques Philip, Wright, and Redington lines) This litter was developed with distance racing in the forecast. Breaking them was easy, naturals right from the start. Thor along with his siblings ran expeditions this winter. I’m really expecting big things from this litter. Good size dogs, Thor is 58 lbs. Their feet are tight and tough. Awesome coats, great appetites, intelligent. Well socialized and impressionable.Mose – Astro (Buser and Langmaid lines) x Mel (Swingley and Suanderson) This dog is all about power. Runs a double lead. His top end speed isn’t there but he’ll run comfortable at 15 mph. If your in a slugfest or racing in hills, man what a dog. As a yearling he finished the Can-Am 250 and has continued to do so. This guy is 5 yrs old, he’s a thick 58 lbs.Ryder – Damon (Saunderson lines) x Mel (Swingley lines) Ryder has made an outstanding contribution to this team. Ryder has been my main leader for 5 yrs, he’s slowing down a bit at 9yrs old. Ryder will be heading the B-team this year. Whoever is running this dog out front wont have any problems getting through the course. I’ll be using this dog to break in new leaders. He’s a big guy at 65 lbs and has no problem yanking rookies around in the right direction.This is Thor’s brother, really promising dog. Has the attributes of a distance dog with some pretty good speed. Titan and his brother, along with their sister Tamarack, ran at times in double lead on expeditions as puppies. A good head start for the upcoming season. These pups were born May 2008, there off to a great start. Titan is 60 lbs.Jenna – Teke (McEwen and Runyan lines) x Jan (Serre lines) This little 45 lb girl, Jarvis and Jynx’s half sister is already proving herself. She was born Feb 2008. I was tempted to take her to a race but didn’t. She will definitely be worth the wait. She ran a double lead on expedition as a puppy. Well put together bitch. Very fluid, Very fast. A real sweetheart, fantastic disposition. I would like to see her running out front with Pelly. A premonition of the dynamic duo.Judge – This is Jenna’s big brother. He didn’t progress leaps and bounds like his sister, took him a while to find his balance with those long legs of his. Judge ran as a team dog on trips, since then no problem with balance. Very strong and can really fly. Same disposition as Jenna. For now I see Judge as a team dog, a little wild and out of control but with some consistency this 58 lb pup is going to shine.Tulip – Roy (Les Taylor lines) x Iris (Les Taylor lines) This big girl weighs 56 lbs. All the attributes I look for in a sleddog. She is now 8 yrs old. Tough head, great feet, great coat, superb appetite, good speed. Tulip often ran a double with Ryder, These two together were magic. Tulip is Ryders equal when it comes to following orders out front. This dog will definitely be bred again. Hopefully to Ryder again, this will depend on the performance of her offspring.Puba – Hector (Butcher and Attla lines) x Puce (Serre lines) This dog is so fast, he might be as fast as Python. He has great potential to lead, in fact Puba saved the day a couple of times at the races this season keeping our position respectable. He can be shy and submissive at times which makes working with him a little challenging. With some patience and encouragement this guy is going to be fantastic out front. His father Hector was one of the best dogs I have ever had the pleasure of running .Meaghan – Ryder (Chocpaw lines) x Iris (Grant Beck) This 45 lb little girl is every bit the dog her mother was. Iris was responsible for schooling Ryder into the dog he is today. Meaghan was never the fastest leader but certainly the most consistent. Time and time again this dog has proven herself. Meaghan is 6 yrs old and still going strong. The plan for Meaghan this year is a double with Ryder on the second team. If need be, I know I can call either of these dogs up. I’m counting on Meaghan to help me train new leaders.Friar – Frisco (B. Naess and Chezik lines) x Sandy (Kieslings) This dog really surprised me with his speed and endurance. This 49 lb, 5yr old, runs anywhere in the team. He will run lead but I don’t think he likes it much.      


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