Spring Sled Dog Race: Sheep Mountain 200/300

A spring sled dog race emphasizing race practice, dog care and fun!Race starts 6am Tuesday, March 26 at Sheep Mountain Lodge. Description200-mile race runs Sheep Mtn Lodge – Eureka – Lk Louise – Tolsona – Crosswind and back. 300-mile race add a 100-mile loop to the Susitna River from Lk Louise on the return trip. 14-dog limit for all races. 40 team limit.Mandatory musher meeting 6pm Monday, March 25 at Sheep Mtn Lodge. Race starts 6am Tuesday, March 26.General InformationWe have rescheduled the Sheep Mountain 150 and made it a 200 and 300 mile race for this spring. There will not be a purse for the race, emphasis will be placed on learning to race and having fun!Race Rules:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n7Q7faSy8AphzznpJ4vVyBZ9TODi775JcwZOhXyet0w/editEntry Form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BPC3FVLM1LOIsfoS-tFtMHk3d8WNG87aw1vI-k54SFI/editEmail – info@sheepmountain.com


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