Sled Dog Touring Season starts

For the uninitiated, a sled dog ride seems like a fantasy adventure. Many mushers are able to make the dreams come true. During the summer months, when visitors are more likely to travel, mushers are able to open their kennels to the throngs of paying customers to get a feel of what running a dog team might be like.Alaska has many mushers willing to extend the welcome, including Jeff King at Goose Lake Kennel, Martin Buser at Happy Trails Kennel and the Seavey family. Also are new fledgling kennels like 7-time Iditarod finisher Ken Anderson. Ken will be opening his city-based dog sled ride business in Pioneer Park, Fairbanks for the second year in a row.Throughout North America, including Canada, the dog sled business has been booming, It has also promoted the availability of mushing as a sport to inner city families who might just have one dog. Skijoring, bike-joring or even skate-joring has picked up as a result of the good publicity of the kennel tours and dog sled rides.I hope this summer goes well for all sled dog ride businesses. Visit the on-line sled dog tour directory on and remember to pick up a copy of the July/August issue of Mushing with the featured sled dog tour business directory. It is time to pay for that dog food!


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