Russia’s Greatest Dog Sled Race ‘Beringia-2013’ is Won by a Local Kamchatka in Record Time

Harsh weather made it one of the most challenging races, but it was won by maestro Andrey Semashkin from Yelizovo and his highly-trained dogs.A dozen out of the 15 teams finished the race which began three weeks ago. Andrey and his dogs covered the distance of 970km from Esso to Ossora in 67 hours 38 minutes 40 seconds, winning the grand prize of the race – 300,000 roubles, or $9,600.The second result was shown by a first-timer, a young musher from Ossora village, Vladimir Selivanov. He covered the 17 stages of the race in 73 hours 38 minutes 38 seconds.Read more here:


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