North Pole Championship day 1 results

Under warm, clear conditions mushers raced around the flat and fast Chena Lakes trails. As usual, mushers encountered snow machines and ice fisherman, and young children on the trail. But one one out-of-state musher, Gary Frank,got more than he bargained for – Frank got initiated to Alaskan mushing with a close encounter with a moose during the 6-dog class. Temperatures hovered around 25 degrees with snow likely tonight.On day 2, mushers will go out in order of today’s finishing.The first day result are:Skijoring 6.7 miles1 Greg Jurek 20:55.32 Susan Seitz 21:35.03 Jim Herriges 22:11.44-dog 3.8 miles1 Jennifer Probert 11:02.92 Courtney Frank 11:35.73 Andrea Swingley 11:50.24 Douglas Frank 11:57.55 Paul Gregory 15:14.86-dog 6.7 miles1 Jennifer Probert 18:35.62 Ami Gjestson 19:28.93 Gary Callaghan 19:32.64 Beth Callis 19:36.25 Trisha Seibold 19:41.36 Christian Taveau 20:14.37 Scott Campbell 20:28.38 Gary Frank 20:36.19 Robert Cadzow 21:30.710 Faith Gregory 21:42.411 Carol Kaynor 22:17.112 Melissa Rouge 22:32.010-dog 12 miles1 Arleigh Reynolds 35:48.62 Trisha Seibold 36:26.13 Christian Taveau 36:28.74 Stacy Lancer 36:46.35 Rob Downey 37:03.66 Jeff Conn 37:11.57 Grahame Howe 37:18.68 Amanda Byrd 37:31.59 Jill Schreiber 38:13.310 Marvin Kokrine 39:25.111 Bonnie Borba 40:43.412 Randy Dunbar 43:29.213 Ed Arobio 49:00.0


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