New Hampshire Law recognizes mushers

On June 25 the Governor of New Hampshire signed a law that makes mushers legitimate and recognized trail users. This is probably the first such law in the US recognizing sled dogs and the training of them. The bill that was started by the New Hampshire Mushers Association was the result of a lot of hard work over the past 2 years and especially this last year when it seemed that the rest of the trail users were against this bill because of some of the language. In the NH House committee the bill was changed so much that at one point requests were made from the NH mushers Association to kill its own bill because it would have hurt more than no bill at all. When the bill hit the senate committee great and successful efforts were made to amend the bill back to what made it passable and the first in the nation.This bill ensures the mushing community the same rights that snowmobile, ATV and equestrian users have to trail access. It also ensures that future trail development will have to consider mushers along with the other more popular users.Tom DiMaggioPresidentNew Hampshire Mushers Association


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