New dog powered scooter

Dog powered scooter: Mushing for the massesMush, doggy! This is a great way to get around town if you a. Have a dog and b. Are too lazy to walk it. Pooch gets strapped into a cradle contraption on the side and then you give a few kicks (to the scooter, not the dog) and you’re off. These are modded from off the shelf scooters by Mark Schuette, inventor and engineer. The photo is of the one Dogpower model, but he will make you a suicidal 3 dog model to order.According to Schuette, most dogs love it, although some take a little while to get the hang of pulling in a harness. It’s certainly a lot safer than the homebrew version I saw a few weeks back, where some adrenalin junkie had tied his dog’s lead to top of his scooter handlebars. The dog was pulling like crazy, but it all ended in tears when he took a run at the pigeons.$540 will get you and Muttley set up for Summer.Visit


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