Mushing Along Lake Superior Is a Bayfield Treat

As many as 100 huffing and puffing teams of raw canine energy will zip through the forests, over snowy meadows and even out onto frozen Lake Superior during the weekend of Feb. 1-3 as part of the annual Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race.Dubbed a shorter and more festive version of Alaska’s famed Iditarod race by locals, it’s one of the premier Midwest sled dog races.It also draws thousands of spectators to this chilly corner of northwest Wisconsin. Why, you can even volunteer to take part in running the competition.And if you can’t make it up to the race (actually two races, one on Feb. 2, the other on Feb. 3), you can experience the excitement of sled dog racing by tagging along – and driving, if you’d like – teams of Siberian huskies owned by John and Mary Thiel, who run Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing northwest of Bayfield.Read more here:


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