Mush With Pride upcoming elections

PRIDE Reorganization and ElectionThe 2006 Annual meeting for Mush with PRIDE took place on October 28th at the ADMA Sled Dog Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska. It was decided by the members in attendance that PRIDE should continue and reorganize itself under the established bylaws.The agreed to reorganization has two phases. The first phase consisting of temporary measures needed to maintain PRIDE operations and services to its members and to the public.The second phase will be the establishment of a new PRIDE board through a formal election. There will be a call for nominations, the distribution of ballots to current members, and the election of a new board. Officers will be selected by the board, from the board, at the first Board of Directors meeting.The timeline proposed for this process follows the PRIDE bylaws.Nominating Committee will call for nominations in the PRIDE newsletter in March.Nominations will be open until April 30th, at which time the transition board will print and distribute ballots. (May 3rd, tentative)Ballots will be due on May 31, 2007Immediately after the election, a board meeting will be called and officers will be elected.Please go to our website at for more information concerning Mush with PRIDE’s mission and recent publications. We are an international non-profit educational organization promoting optimal dog care, humane dog treatment and sensible advice for new mushers.We believe that PRIDE still has a role in sled dog care and owner education, and our efforts are as important now as ever. We welcome new members, as well as old, that are willing to lend their voices and support to this worthy organization.Feel free to contact PRIDE at with comments, ideas, and suggestions.Mitch MichaudInterim Director, Mush with PRIDE


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