Mush with PRIDE seeks input on new guidelines

It has been 9 years since the Mush with PRIDE sled dog care guidelines were last updated. The Mush with PRIDE guidelines committee is seeking your input to help us bring the guidelines up to date and ensure they reflect the best available current knowledge about the appropriate care of working sled dogs. During the last decade science has learned more about dog physiology, psychology and behavior than was known throughout the previous 30,000 years. Much of that scientific knowledge was acquired partly or wholly through the study of working sled dogs with the assistance, and sometimes under the direction of, dog mushers. Much of those scientific discoveries support traditional sled dog kennel practices that have been in continuous use for well over a century, while some of it corrects or refutes misconceptions that have persisted among dog mushers for many decades. To help guide the guidelines update effort, we are asking you to first review the old guidelines, which are available on-line at Then answer the three questions below. 1. What changes do you feel should be made to the Mush with P.R.I.D.E. sled dog care guidelines? 2. Why do you feel these should be changed? 3. Can you provide a professional or scientific citation to support the changes? Please submit your input by Email to or by snail mail to: PRIDE Guidelines InputC/O Thom SwanP. O. Box 16237Two Rivers, AK 99716 Your input will be compiled and submitted to the full committee for consideration as we plan the new updated edition of the guidelines. Thank you for your assistance with this very important project.


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