Mannsville Quest 2008 preparations begin

The Mannsville Quest 2008, the mini-mid distance event for pure breeds, is now being organized by Carolan Appleton. Carolan is a PSDC member and has been involved with Siberians for many years, sledding, showing and promoting. Carolan has put together a team (of workers) that will insure the Mannsville Quest 2008 is a success. The format will be the same as last year. Those who ran the race were well satisfied with the trail, competition, fun, dinner, awards aas well as the coverage on SDC, Mushing Magazine and Team & Trail Magazine. The organizations that were involved; PSDC, North Country Kennel Club, Seneca Siberian Husky Club, Winona Forest Recreation Association and Mannsville Fire Dept were also pleased with the race and conduct of the racers. Mark in your race schedule for 2008 the Mannsville Quest, let your friends and fellow mushers in on the secrets of some of the best Dog Sledding Trails in the World, and contact Carolan at for more information.


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