California legislation makes spay and neuter mandatory on all pets

California’s shelters are full, and a legislation passed by the California Assembly will require spaying and neutering of all pets in an attempt to render them all unreproductive. Over 400,000 dogs and cats are euthanized every year at a cost of $300 million dollars to the state. There has been protest of the rule with the thought that mandatory spay and neuter should be governed by local governments instead of the state. The Assembly Bill (AB 1634) would require dog and cat owners to have their animals sterilized by the age of 4 months or risk a $500 fine.Exceptions would be made for police dogs, guide dogs, signal dogs, servicedogs and various other working canines.Pets also would be excused if a veterinarian states that they should not besterilized because of age, illness or poor health.The fear is that many owners may abandon their pets rather than pay for the spays and neuters. The legislation as passed, but will now go to the senate for approval.


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