Limited North American Championships Results Day 3

Temperatures were cooler today with an average of -5F. The wind had died down, though the colder temps still affected the dog teams from outside of Fairbanks.The colder temps caused a chiller windchill, and Andy Warwick found this out as he skated up the hill to win the 3-dog skijoring race, but in doing so removed his face mask to get more air and frostbit his nose. I am not sure freezing parts of the body is worth the win, but it is the price you can pay. Warwick finished in a day time of 27:39.2 over the 7.7 mile course and 3-day time of 68:23.2. Cindy Salmon moved up a few positions in the 3-dog to win the day time and place second overall with a winning day time of 27:01.8, and a 3-day time of 70:24.5.Kim Wells of Anchorage was sick with a nasty cold and limped across the line in a day time of 32:58.2 and a 3-day time of 75:20.1. Marya Lewanski placed third.Kriya Dunlap held into her lead in the 2-dog with a 3-day time of 64:44.7 followed by Greg Jurek (65:18.8), and Susan Seitz 65:19.7, with Becky Voris placing 4th in a 3-day time of 71:24.7.Andy Seitz and his 30lb Mabel won the 1-dog race in a 3-day time of 82:47.7, followde by Dan Carlson (90:01.2 and Laura Carlson (92:27.7).Malinda Holmes retained her lead in the 4-dog with a 3-day time of 45:47.1 over Scott Campbell (47:15.8) and Kim Wells to dragged herself back out to finish with a 3rd place finish of 48:28.8. 4-dog teams traveled over 5.9 miles on the third day.Jennifer Probert held off a very fast Bev Stevens to win by just 1/10th of a second. Probert had problems on day 2 with one of her dogs and dropped it on day 3 for a clean run over the 7.7-mile course in 23:29.2 for a 3-day total of 59:24.6. Bev, a retired school teacher and children’s book author, finished winning day time of 23:26.6 for a 3-day time of 59:24.7. Trisha Seibold-Sonnichsen finished third in a 3-day time of 59:49.5.Christian Taveau retained his lead in the 8-dog with a 3-day time of 103:59.7, and a third day time of 38:19.2 over the 12.1 mile course. Stacy Lanser won the third day in a time of 38:15.2 and a three day time of 104:35.6. Rob Downey remains in third place with a 3-day time of 105:52.1.See the videos, photos and timesheets in the previous LNAC posting.


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