La Grande Odyssee

There was a lot of pressure at the mass start departure. After 6 hours of racing, there was only 6 minutes between Jean-Philipe Pontier and Radek Havrda. Today, Jean-Phi has decided to run with 12 dogs as he wanted to do everything possible to keep the lead and win this race.As you can imagine, the departure was very busy. With more than 150 dogs starting at the same time, here was some confusion when the 14 trails merged into one single trail. Pontier lost some precious minutes there and Giancarlo Cattaneo took advantage of it and went through Bonneval sur Arc in first position.Very quickly he was passed by Radek Havrda and they ran together for most of the race. Before going back to Bessans, the arrival place, the two of them were still fighting hard in the street of Lecot, Jean-Philippe Pontier was 8 minutes later at this finish.Pierre-Antoine Heritier did everything to keep his 3rd place but will it be enough…?At the end, Radek increased his advantage and finished first, 6 minutes ahead of Giancarlo and 15 minutes ahead of Jean-Philippe. This means Radek won the “TrophŽe de La Grande OdyssŽe”, followed by Jean-Philippe Pontier and Gincarlo Cattaneo, then Pierre Antoine Heritier (CH) and Thomas Hoffmann (GY). This race is definitely an international event…Daily results1 R Havrda 3.48.292 G Cattaneo 3.54.203 JP Pontier 4.04.154 PA Heritier 4.07.095 MA Martinez 4.10.046 T Hoffmann 4.15.307 I Travadon 4.16.338 JM Tatu 4.21.369 D Juillaguet 4.28.2510 V du Retail 4.38.3711 F Pagnoux 4.43.0912 C mattis 4.50.2913 P Rebord 5.20.4514 D Godin 6.12.33Final results1 R Havrda 10.29.592 JP Pontier 10.38.553 G Cattaneo 10.57.534 PA Heritier 11.03.535 T Hoffmann 11.23.276 I Travadon 11.28.057 D Juillaguet 11.31.108 MA Martinez 11.57.429 V du Retail 12.25.2610 JM Tatu 12.27.2111 C Mattis 12.55.0312 F Pagnoux 13.45.5613 P rebord


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