Klondike 300 race route changed due to deep sugar snow

We regret to inform you that we have had to change the race route. The snow up in the Petersville area is 5’ deep and has the consistency of sugar. Our trail crew went up Saturday and spent 11 hours and could only break 3 miles of trail. The snow will not pack, and the dogs would be swimming in it. The trailer breakers even got stuck in the sugar snow on the way back. The new course will be starting at the Tug, traveling to Deshka (checkpoint only), to Yentna Station (6 hour layover); it will then head back south to the Iditarod Trail by way of Flathorn Lake to the Tug Bar (6 hour layover). Then we will run the same course again, finish at the Tug Bar. It will be a loop race folks, and that is the best we can come up without canceling the race. We will be out re-marking the course Tuesday, and will have accurate mileage afterwards, which I will post on our site klondike300.org. Please contact Bert at 892-7691 or Bud at 892-6287 if you have any questions. We also have changed our mushers meeting to the Lions Den at 7 PM. We feel there will be quite some discussion and decided to have the meeting at a quiet location. The race will start Jan. 20, 2007, 12 noon @ Tug Bar. The purse has been set at $20,000 Webmaster, Marty SteinerKlondike 300


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