Featured in the Sept/Oct 2007 Issue of Mushing Magazine:I raced in the 4 dog class at the Siskiyou race in Northern California. I was very impressed by the well groomed and beautiful trails, which were quite wide so passing was easy. The people that set up the race were very nice and caring. On the way up to Siskiyou my brother (Andy Noble) and I got to talk about mushing at three different schools. All the kids were nice and friendly. I got to bring out a couple of my dogs. The dogs loved the children and all the attention. My host family was the best. They made my family and me feel right at home. They had mules that they raised and raced. They also had some cows, so we got to help them with the animals. On the way to the race I thought my dogs would be hot because we just left 20 below in Anchorage and at Siskiyou it was 20 above. The elevation was much higher than in Anchorage too. However, the dogs were fine. Flying into San Francisco with the dogs was interesting. The dogs all did fine on the flight, and our Danler Hornet sled was so easy to take on the plane.At the race starting line everybody was cheering and happy. When I was on the trail one of my dogs got tangled in the line so I had to hook into the snow and help her. Once she was untangled we were off again. I started out second so I had someone to follow, but not for long as I passed her pretty close to the start. Then it was just the dogs and I on a new trail with no one to follow. On the first day I placed first. That meant I had to go out first the next day, which was ok, but there were no scents on the trail for my dogs to follow. We made it back on the second day and placed first that day also. After the race we packed up and headed back to our host family to get ready for the awards banquet. At the awards banquet there was lots of food. After eating it was time to get the awards. The first awards were for the 8 dog distance, then the 6 dog mid-distance, 6 dog sprint and last, but not least, the 4 dog sprint. I got first and was ahead by 1 minute 30 seconds. I got a really nice trophy and $130. It was a great race and I hope to see you there in the future!Alea Robinson is 12 years old and lives in Eagle River, Alaska with her brother Andy and their family. Alea grew up in Bethel, Alaska and began racing at the age of 4. Alea has won numerous 3-dog championships in Alaska, France and Canada. She also enjoys horses, kayaking, reading and swimming.


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