Julie Collins: For The First Time In A Decade, The Pattering Of Puppy Feet

I love the pattering of tiny puppy feet on the floor. In May our baby turkeys got to scamper around every day to blow off steam before returning to their incubator, but it just wasn’t the same. Now we hope to see puppies born here for the first time in 10 years. Ever since 2002, each of our planned litters were born in another dog yard because we split the pups with the mother’s owner. Not this time. With our sled dogs aging and few options beyond our own dogs, my sister Miki decided to breed her Spoí with sweet little Calico. By late June we may hear the pattering of tiny puppy feet instead of the thundering of weanlings brought in from another dog yard.Read more here: http://newsminer.com/bookmark/18731094-For-first-time-in-a-decade-the-pattering-of-puppy-feet


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