The Iron Line is Rolling!

Just wanted to keep everyone posted. Been getting a lot of questions lately from area folks and mushers alike. I will try to run through this as quick as possible:Yes, we have enough snow to do the race. And we are expecting more!Yes, the ice is thick enough to race on and our temps have been nice and cold, so no problem there.NEW! Please check out the newly posted 2013 IronLine Race Rules.Also, please check out additions to our list of registered mushers.MUSHERS! You can register late and pay when you show up to the race, as long as it is before you want to hit the trail. This can be taken care of at registration.VOLUNTEERS: We are still looking for some dog handlers & a few road crossing folks as well as setup and tear-down people. Please email or call us.SPONSORS/DONORS: We are just barely covered for this year’s budget. A little bit more and we will be able to put some icing on this cake!AND: Stay tuned for a Summer IronLine Run & Bike event!


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