Inukshuk Dog Food goes to New Zealand for Dryland Racing!! In this video the guys at Inukshuk travel to Christchurch, New Zealand to meet with Aaron Anderson. His business, Zocas ltd., supplies dog food and related products the the mushing scene in and around Christchurch. We were lucky enough to be able to catch a dryalnding event while we were there. Needless to say after watching the video, we might need a little more practice…Inukshuk Professional Dogfood is a Canadian made pet food meant for canine athletes. At Corey Nutrition, we feel that there are 3 important dog food virtues; A fair price, a quality product and communication.Inukshuk is sold direct by the pallet, has a game-changing 32/32 formula, ships the next day and is made completely by us at Corey Nutrition.


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