It was one of the greatest moments in Dick Wilmarth’s life. He had done the impossible; traveled from Anchorage to Nome Alaska on the runners of a sled powered by Alaskan huskies. He wasn’t alone, others would follow, but Dick Wilmarth was the first to arrive making him the first Iditarod Champion back in 1973. Wilmarth was mobbed by race fans who witnessed this first on Front Street. The finish line was a simple Kool-Aid red line that designated the end of the trail for Wilmarth and his team. The EMMY Award Winning Iditarod Insider team spent time with Wilmarth and more than fifty other Iditarod interviewees compiling the most comprehensive historical documentary in the 37 year history of “The Last Great Race on Earth.”“The History of The Iditarod” is a 90 minute documentary set to be released in late November 2009. The documentary combines hundreds of photos, film, video, and real life accounts of the early days of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It bridges those early days to what is now one of the greatest extreme competitions on the planet! It’s a definite “must see”!!! The Insider will soon be releasing a trailer of the project on along with more information about the documentary… so stay tuned!


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