Iditarod Day 4: Busers Grab the Lead — sort of

The Buser boys made things interesting Wednesday morning in Takotna.Four-time champion Martin and son Rohn, winner of January’s Kusko 300, roared through the checkpoint, stopping only long enough to check in and check out.Martin arrived at 8:31 a.m. and left one minute later, a move that gives him the Iditarod lead.But it comes with a big fat asterisk.Martin reached Takotna nine hours after Aliy Zirkle did. In fact, 30 mushers reached the checkpoint before Martin and Rohn did.Rohn arrived at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday but like his dad, he was gone within a minute and on his way to Ophir.Those who arrived in Takotna before the Busers appear to be taking their 24-hour layovers there; Zirkle has been there for almost 12 hours now.The Busers still need to take their 24-hour layovers, so their status as race leaders doesn’t mean much.Read more here:


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