Home made dog food becoming popular

The pet food recall has sparked a move for pet owners to make their own food. Owners, who see their pets as a part of the family, have been stewing meat and vegetables on a weekly basis to replace the commercial pet food, which may have contained contaminants.Instructional books on making your own pet food have been available for many years, but have now started to make a comeback to the bookshelves. It has been reported one such book has move back into the Amazon.com Top 200 book list.The FDA warns that while making your own food may make you feel better about feeding your pet, you may be exposing your pets to foods that are dangerous, or simply not providing enough of the right ingredients for your pet’s health.It has been advised that if you are concerned about your pet food being contaminated, change brands rather than making your own.On talking to Mushing Magazine’s advertising pet food companies, we have discovered that all of their foods are sourced within North America, Europe and New Zealand. These foods have not been recalled and are safe, and even double checked for quality assurance of each individual ingredient.


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