Gold Run begins in Fairbanks

42 teams turned out for the 1st of four Championship races held by ADMA. The limited class Gold Run includes 2-dog skijoring, 4, 6 and 10-dog sled classes.The 4-dog class was easily won by Scott Campbell in a time of 18:25.2 over the 5.9 mile trail, followed by Andrea Swingley (19:39.1) and Jennifer Probert (19:45.0).The 7.7 mile 6-dog class was won by Jennifer Probert in a time of 23:19.7, Trisha Sonnichen followed in 2nd place (23:25.1) and Angie Fitch rounded out the top three in a time of 23:26.6.Knik musher Christian Taveau won the 12.1 mile 10-dog class in a time of 36:37.6 followed by Ivana Nolke (36:57.9) and Jeff Conn (37:02.9).In the weeks prior to the race, the Alaska Dog Mushers Association attempted to find a purse for the race, and at the last minute the sledding events found sponsorship within their own ranks. The mushers donated a purse of over $2000 for the sledding events. Local feed, ski and equipment companies also donated dog food, gift certificates and harnesses.The Gold Run continues tomorrow.Day 1 resultsSKIJORING 5.9 miles TEMP: -10 SKIJORERKriya Dunlap 19:16.1Susan Seitz 19:21.3Greg Jurek 19:25.8Brian Charlton 20:40.4Cindy Salmon 21:02.3Andy Warwick 21:03.9Emily Bernhardt 22:06.7 4-DOG 5.9 miles TEMP: -3MUSHERScott Campbell 18:15.2Andrea Swingley 19:39.1Jennifer Probert 19:45.0Jeremiah Stancancapiano 21:35.1Charmaine Christiansen 22:20.4 6-DOG 7.7 miles TEMP: -3 MUSHERJennifer Probert 23:19.7Trisha Sonnichen 23:25.1Angie Fitch 23:26.6Ami Gjestson 23:33.2Bonnie Borba 23:34.4Forrest Seibold 24:22.9Carol Kaynor 24:35.8Christian Taveau 24:36.3Amanda Byrd 25:15.3Edie Forest 26:43.8Charmaine Christiansen 29:59.4Faith Gregory 32:16.2 10-DOG 12.1 miles TEMP: 3 MUSHERChristian Taveau 36:37.6Ivana Nolke 36:57.9Jeff Conn 37:02.9Rob Downey 37:13.2Michi Konno 37:25.8Deb McGrath 38:03.6Lester Erhart 38:14.0Stacy Lanser 38:23.0Marvin Kokrine 38:35.8Grahame Howe 38:54.6Andy Seitz 39:20.8Beth Callis 39:24.0Angie Fitch 39:33.1Clifton Carroll 39:35.7Curtis Erhart 39:53.0Ed Arobio 40:50.1Stewart Attla 43:03.9George Attla III 44:19.2Lyndon Thomas 45:02.1


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