GinGin 200 invites men to join in the fun

The GIN GIN 200 – The Women’s Distance Dog race Plus a special men’s class division! Paxson, Alaska welcomes the 3rd annual Gin Gin 200; a women’s distance dog race plus a 2007 men’s class division happening Dec. 28-30 2007. The Gin Gin 200 is about women getting together and having fun; it is the only all-women’s distance dog race in the world. This year we welcome the men to join us for the first time with their dog teams. We are confident to say we have some of the best trails in Alaska!- The Gin Gin 200 is an Iditarod qualifier.- The race of approximately 200 miles across mostly alpine terrain in Alaska’s Interior. The race will be limited to 40 teams. A mass start on Meiers Lake will precede a 100 mile run to Maclaren River Lodge at 42 mile on the Denali Hwy. There will be a mandatory 8 hour layover at Maclaren River, with a timed restart for the return 100 mile leg. The finish will be at Meiers Lake Roadhouse.- The women’s race start will be at 11am- The men’s class to start one hour later at 12:00 pm.- Women’s teams will be limited to 12 dogs.- Men’s class will be limited to 10 dogs- There will be no food drops; all teams must be self-sufficient.- Dog drop at Maclaren only, $75.00 transport fee- Entry fee for the womens’ race will be $225. The approximate purse is $3000, paying the top 5 positions, plus a veterinary award and prizes. Straw and a meal at the layover will be provided.- Entry fee for the men’s class will be $175.00. The approximate purse is $2000. paying the top 3 positions.- Trail Boss John Schandelmeier- Director for this year’s race, Judy Carrick- Those wishing for more information on the race or interested in helping out should contact: Zoya DeNure at zdenure@yahoo.comEntries accepted after Sept. 1st 2007.for entry forms and race rules, visit


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