“Steger Moosehide Mukluks are twice as warm and less than half the weight of traditional winter boots. They are made in the Northern Cree Indian style and have durable, flexible, treaded rubber soles. We use the best moosehides available, which means that your mukluks will remain supple and flexible through the years. With each pair you receive the best wool felt liners and insoles we can provide. Flexibility, breathability and insulation are the keys to warm feet. One pound of weight on your foot is equal to 5 lbs. on your lower back. Heavier does not mean warmer, it means aching legs and back.Steger Mukluks and Moccasins are made entirely in Ely, Minnesota. We made the decision long ago to keep our money in this country and support American workers. We hope you will too. Designed for major expeditions, Steger’s Arctic Mukluks are the favorite of many world-class cold weather explorers and mushers. Arctics are available in wide and double-wide. Order a wider size and add more insulation for “the big chill.” The tops are cut from 10 ounce tight weave, weather treated 100% cotton canvas,” Patti Steger. For more information: mukluks.comTowlines? What makes Adanac Sled and Equipment towlines (ganglines) so special? The high quality of our materials is one reason but also the wide range of choices available is another. We have so many selections to attain the perfect arrangement for your team and keep your dogs moving safely down the trail.We are your one-stop store for towlines or the materials to make your own lines. We offer top-quality bronze snaps, regular polyethylene rope, reflective polyethylene rope for extra visibility, coated, galvanized cable and tuffstuff necklines (1) Made from the latest high-tech fibers—stronger than Kevlar or iron rope. We offer lightweight, standard or heavy-duty two dog sections that simply loop together to create the size towline you need.You can choose centerlines made of poly rope, rope with cable inside or straight-coated cable using swivel point attachments (2) for tugs and necklines (keeps tangles to a minimum). A unique feature of our rope centerlines with cable inside is the small expansion loops (3) which allow the rope to stretch before stressing the cable for double protection. The loops are strategically placed to serve as keeper loops for the tug and neckline snaps to use when coiling it up thereby reducing the headache of tangles next time you are ready to run. The tugline and neckline choices vary according to diameter of rope, regular or reflective, tuffstuff, or cable. We even offer bungee necklines (4) in the ¼” rope to reduce cervical stress. Whether you want to make your own towlines or would like us to customize them for you, Adanac Sleds and Equipment can meet all your towline needs and a complete line of mushing products. For more information: adanacsleds.comPawtrekTM Freetrail Full Suspension Model ScooterThis fantastic full front & rear suspension dog scooter offers high ground clearance, disk brakes and rugged design for serious trail use. With all the essential features of a PAWTREKKER’s unique BRUSHBOW giving added protection to your dog, providing optimal pulling position and holding the gangline clear of the front wheel. Features: • Rear 900lb shock (adjustable) • Adjustable front dampening forks • Mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear • 6.5” ground clearance • Quick release brushbow • Quick release wheels • Screw on Kraton handle bar grips • Kenda 20” x 2.125” tires • Handlebar height & angle adjustable from 37”-41” • Length 78” with Brushbow (75” without brushbow) • Footplate 5” wide x 14” long • Kickstand • Compact when wheels removed & rear suspension folded (see picture) • This is the smoothest ride as this scooter glides over those potholes and ruts.Available now in Orange or Silver. For more information:


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