First International Mushing History Conference

To be held in conjunction with the 5th ICSS SLEDDOG EXPO AND TRADE FAIR on September 2007 in Vancouver, Canada – site of the 2010 Winter Olympic GamesCALL FOR SPEAKERS AND PRESENTATIONSThe major themes for the history conference presentations will be Canada andthe Olympics. However, all subjects related to the history of sled dogs willbe considered.Suggested subjects might include:Prehistory of sled dogs in the Canadian arctic and subarctic regionsEmile St. Goddard and Tobey: from The Pas to the 1932 Lake Placid WinterOlympics, the first in North America and the first Olympic sled dog race.Was St. Goddard one of the first Canadian individual Winter Olympic goldmedal winners?Gold, Men and Dogs. Scotty Allan in Dawson, Nome, Truckee, New England andFrance. The first All-Alaska Sweepstakes race 100 years ago and how mushingbecame the most publicized winter sport in North America.Helge Ingstad, Leonard Seppala and the 1952 Winter Olympics sled dog race inOslo, Norway.Sled dogs and the RCMP.The Golden Age of Mushing: Manitoba, Quebec and New England by rail in the20’s and 30’s.Sled dogs in the exploration of Canada’s North.Send inquiries and proposals


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