Hello All HOT HOUNDS RACERS AND GUESTS!Race August 22, 2009, at 5 p.m.Here are the events at your next race, Mongrel Hordes by Eagle Pack at the kennel of Hans Gatt and Susie Rogan, located in Golden Horn Omlette.(Golden Horn does not have Hamlet status like our neighbour Mt. Lorne, and there used to be an egg farm here.)Directions: Go south on the Alaska highway toward Marsh Lake from Whitehorse. Pass the Carcross Cut-off, stay on the Alaska Highway. Go exactly 3 km past the Cut-off. On your left will be Gentian Lane. Turn onto Gentian. Go exactly 1.6 km down Gentian to our driveway on the right.If you are early: Join us at the dog yard before we head down to the airstrip. Follow directions to the Dog Yard.If you show up within 15 minutes of ‘Race Time’: Turn onto the driveway and follow directions directly to the Air Strip, (Location of the first event).Next order of business. All events are clothing-optional in the Golden Horn Omlette area, this dog race included. Helmets are mandatory.Event One:The Strip: This event is for pets and sled dog class. Pets go one minute behind sled dogs, this should give you a ‘chase’ advantage. This is a mass start, 1.5 mile race race on the airstrip. It is a loop with a bathtub full of water at the 1/3 mark. Eight teams can line up side by side, with heats at 10 second intervals if necessary.Event Two:One Mile Trail Race: Starts at the dog yard, goes along a good, fairly smooth, 15 foot wide hard packed silt road, one sharp turn onto a packed sand/gravel road, back into the dog yard.Event Two Point Five:Pet Dog, One mile race: Same as One Mile Trail Race above.Event Three:Two Mile Race: Starts the same as the One Mile. However, instead of the sharp turn back to the dog yard, you: Enter The Field. Do a loop around the somewhat bumpy field, which will be better marked this year. The Field ends with a smooth, but trecherous, 4 foot wide transition through large trees back onto the Driveway. Take the driveway back to the dog yard.Afterward: Music, drinks, awards and barbequed tofu are there to be enjoyed in our log cabin and on the deck, same as last year. We will have some stuff, but bring your own food and drinks too.Call Susie and Hans at 668-2703 for more information.


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