Day 6 IPSSSDR Kemmerer, Wyoming

Just another beautiful day here in Wyoming. Crisp and cool temps around 0F started off the day, and then rose to about 20F – very comfortable, especially compared to yesterday’s 20 below start.My traveling partner and I have each come down with the flu, so the videos and commentary will be pretty limited for this stage. I did take some nice footage of teams on their way out on the 54 mile run, then in the same spot on the way back. The idea was to see a side view of the teams and compare the dogs from start to finish. It worked pretty well, and I will have that video posted soon.There are a couple teams here that have drivers other than the owners of the dogs. Since a good dog team requires noticing a lot of details, I wondered how the communication worked between driver and team owner – the one who is ultimately responsible for the dog team. I spoke with Lloyd Gilbertson, and Wendy Davis, the musher who piloted his team to a win and top finishes in this race. The result is a very insightful 15 minute talk. I hope you all enjoy it.Check back soon for more videos and pics.GregBRUCE MAGNUSSON PRE STAGE 6 INTERVIEWJERRY BATH PRE STAGE 6 INTERVIEWLLOYD GILBERTSON – WENDY DAVIS INTERVIEWBJORKLUND FINISHMACKEY STARTGOLTON FINISHREDINGTON FINISHPECK STARTPECK & MACKEY FINISHSTREEPER STARTSTREEPER FINISH


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