DAY 2 – Open North American Championships

2.4 SECONDS SEPARATE ELLIS AND STREEPER.Another really exciting day of racing here in Fairbanks. Leaders Egil Ellis and Buddy Streeper are just a couple of seconds apart after over 40 miles of fast racing. Egil was just about even with Buddy for day time about 3/4 of the way through today’s run, then he had to load a dog, this put him behind by about 10 seconds only 3 miles from the finish. He turned on the after burners and made up that time to post a faster time than Buddy for the day. It must have been a fast load. Bill Kornmuller had the 4th fastest time today and moved him up 3 positions to 4th overall, jumping ahead of Ken Chezik, Ricky Taylor and Ed Wood. Yesterday’s 3rd place finisher, Arleigh Reynolds, had to load a dog today which slowed him down considerably, yet he still posted the 3rd fastest time, and is holding on to that position going into the last day. It all comes down to the 3rd day of racing for the leaders Buddy and Egil. Both are consumate professionals, with plenty of experience to make the right choices in dogs and strategy. Stay tuned.


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