Can Am Race Update

If Laura Daugereau of Kingston, Wash., holds on to the lead, she could be the first-ever female winner of the 250-mile trek in the 20th Can Am Crown International Sled Dog Races.The final leg of that race is expected to bring finishers in early Monday morning. But experienced mushers said Sunday that they know that the race really begins on the trail from Maibec to Allagash.At this point, Daugereau, is in the lead. She completed the first leg of the trip in 08:58:34 and the second leg in 06:27:58. Daugereau has a wealth of racing experience, including coming in 64th at the Ididarod in 2008. She has won six “Best Kept Team” awards at various races and has won two sportsmanship awards. She is 30 years old. If she holds on to the lead, she would be the first-ever female winner of the Can Am 250.Read more here:


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