Attention Alaska Mushers: Important Land Management Input Needed

Decisions are being made on land use and it affects one of the best, most unique, and one of the oldest organized sled dog trail systems in the world:Your Comments are needed on the BLM Campbell Tract Plan AmendmentAll comments must be received by April 30, 2010. You do not have to live in Anchorage. The Campbell Tract plan website has more information: points: • ASDRA has been a trail partner with BLM on trail use in the Campbell Tract since 1949. • For the safety of multi-use trail users, dog mushers and dogs it is critical to have the trails designated for use by dog teams only when groomed in the winter months. • BLM has provided multi-use trail alternatives during the winter months so other trails are available• ASDRA spent $12,000 on trail grooming this past winter and $25,000 on equipment for grooming. Foot or hoof prints, tire tracks or other scaring can injure dogs. • ASDRA does not oppose permitting of commercial use within the defined trail use designations. • This permitted use may help educate the general public on wise trail use. We have been told that having a number of comments is necessary for the use designation. If you would like to run your comments by an ASDRA Board member please feel free to contact us. Please submit a comment to show your support for the dog mushing trails.Thank you, ASDRA Boardwww.asdra.orgLink to download form to print and send in by April 30th:


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