Armchair Musher: Sebastian Schnuelle: The Push Up The Coast

Talking to Dallas on the ice, he was confident, that Aliy would now more focus on what is behind her.He was swift in his tasks, make sure every bootie is on, chickenfeet gaitors are on. The dogs left focused, Aaron Burmeisters old leader “Elim” in lead. Aaron is now in 4th place (behind Ramey Smyth), being beat by his own old leader. As soon as Dallas had left his camp spot, Aliy Zirkle came around the corner, urging her dogs to keep on going. They also looked focused. Those two will have a hell of a race to White Mountain. Apperantly at some point to Elim, Aliy had already caught Dallas once. And both have to look over their shoulder for Ramey Smyth!Read more here:


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