Anchorage Fur Rendezvous, Interviews.

More photos and video interviews currently being edited and uploaded….stay tunedCongratulations Buddy, Terry and all the mushers this day 3 time total timeBuddy Streeper: 86:07 255:49Bill Kornmuller: 89:54 266:08Egil Ellis: 88:42 266:54Neil Johnson: 91:56 273.19Don Cousins: 95:02 281:52Jason Dunlap: 96:02 287.06Mike Cox: 97:18 295.38Heather Hardy: 97:53 301.48Ed Wood: 103:47 305.07Shane Goosen: 103:13 305.48Gary Markley: 109:10 311.45Kari Skogan: 105:44Mike Stephens: 109:10Nils Hahn: 108:57Bob Chlupach: 122:08***unofficial times


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