Dear Mushing Friends:Over a year ago, there was a meeting in Fairbanks organized by George Attla that was intended to bring everyone together to discuss the economic benefit to an organized approach to mushing in Alaska. The result was that we needed a product to offer to the tourism industry for them to sell. Things have not progressed beyond that conversation due to everyone’s busy schedules.I decided to proceed with organizing the Alaska Mushing Alliance as a way to share promotional opportunities with the Alaskan mushing community that I can offer occasionally. I am asking for support on this as a loosely formed organization that will serve only as a marketing tool for mushing in Alaska.Right now, I have a statewide promotion with Pepsi and Walmart called “Mushing to the Max”. They will have signage, race calendars and various print, radio and other promotions running under the “Mushing to the Max” title. This is going to be a great promotion for dog mushing in Alaska and I hope that we can enlist many mushers to participate from any aspect – recreational, sprint, distance… If we have good support from the mushing community on this, it could pave the way for more support down the road for everyone.We need mushers to appear at the following Super WalMarts between the dates of February 7th and March 6th on Saturdays. There is no appearance fee for this event, however we will include your name when and where we can. In addition, we will have a race calendar distributed with the event.Please forward this to your members and email as soon as possible if you can be on hand, with dogs, for a meet and greet with the public. Thanks in advance for your support!To sign up your team, use this googledocs file: DimondEagle RiverWasillaA Street (Anchorage) — Warm regards,Susan DuckExecutive Director2011 Rondy! February 25 – March 6, 2011www.furrondy.netGreater Anchorage Inc./Rondy400 D Street, Suite 200Anchorage, Alaska 99501907.274.1177


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